The Barracks Discipleship House

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Robert's Testimony

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3R Candles... Why Candles???

Play this video to see how candles make a difference

An $18 candle pays for a $150,000 Rehabilitation Program.

I remember going door-to-door selling candles in San Antonio, Tx and I was explaining to this lady who owned a CryoFit spa how our program was free for men who are seeking help.

I'll never forget the look in her eyes as she almost screamed, "What?!" and tears filled her eyes. It turned out that she had spent thousands of dollars to have her son go to a boy's ranch because of his addiction.

Unfortunately, we are not properly staffed to accommodate youth, but I know of programs that cost $17k-$27k for only a 30-day program.

The Barracks Discipleship House is a FREE faith-based 9-month program. We've adopted a Therapeutic Community approach rooted in Spiritual transformation found in Christ.

If we were to charge for our services, we could charge anywhere from $125k-$250k for the entire 9-month program.

How do we pay for the Program?

Candle sales provide 85% of our operation costs. All of the candles are handmade by the men in our program.

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